Center for Academic Writing “Impulse”

Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted.
Jules Renard

Writing is thinking on paper.
William Zinsser

When writing about science, don't simplify the science; simplify the writing.
Julie Ann Miller, former editor of ‘Science News’

Writing is a lot easier if you have something to say.
Sholem Asch
The reason one writes isn't the fact he wants to say something. He writes because he has something to say.
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Good writing is clear thinking made visible.
Bill Wheeler

A man who is ignorant of foreign languages is also ignorant of his own language.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Only the educated are free.

One`s work may be finished someday, but one`s education never.
Alexandre Dumas

What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul.
Joseph Addison

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.
Scientific writing  - The site covers various issues of academic writing, grammar and mechanics, citation styles. It includes exercises on some aspects. - Topics: article structure, citations and references, plagiarism, punctuation, spelling. Every unit includes exercises. - PDF how-guides on Broad variety of topics, including grammar and syntax, punctuation, quoting and citing

Phrasebanks  - Morley, John. Academic Phrasebank database with a broad range of templates arranged in accordance with the article sections 

Article structure  - Brief description of a scientific paper sections. The description deals with theses, but similar structure is applicable for articles.  - In the tab “Genres”, points 7, 9-14 refer to the sections of a scientific article. The resource provides a structure and examples of every section. 

Linking phrases  - List of various transition phrases used in writing 

References. Citations. Paraphrasing - The resource explains the differences between paraphrasing, summarizing and quoting - Phrasebank for quoting and paraphrasing  - Making references - The program converts into APA, MLA, Chicago styles

Grammar  - The resource dwells on the most problematic grammar issues, such as articles, gerunds and infinitives, subject-verb agreement -  A handy resource to check grammar, punctuation, mechanics and basics of writing 

Punctuation - The resource explains how every punctuation mark is used 

Grammar and spelling checker - Free downloadable resource. It makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free. 

Exercises on writing and language
Journal selection
Web of Science 

Publication ethics